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Namibia Horse Safari Company

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The trail was extremely well organised and run by great people with passion for their amazingly fit and obliging horses.  I definitely agree that this is not a trip for the faint hearted.  The camp beds and bedding were super comfortable and sleeping under the starts a joy.

Pam UK

Namibia Horse Safari Company sets the standard for horseback travel. They are superlative in every way ... the guides, the horses, the crew, the chef, the equipment, the setting, and, of course, the adventure. If you're an experienced and fit rider looking for fun, you've found your next ride!
Mike USA

Every ride with NHSC  is a unique and memorable experience....after 14 years I am still enthusiastic ! I get to live life!!
Lynda RSA

There isn’t a single element of a Namibia Horse Safari adventure that isn’t anything other than epic perfection - incredible people, knockout scenery, food so good you ‘inhale’ it, peace, solitude, camaraderie, adrenalin, sensational horses… the list could be endless. It truly feeds your soul, attacks your senses, lifts your spirits and is a privilege to experience.

You go once and you keep wanting to go back! Biggest smile I ever got on my face, was full of desert grit.

This isn't just an adventure or an experience; it is something that remains with you forever. When asked what was the best part, you will struggle to answer. Is it that rare feeling of being able to truly immerse yourself in a vast and ancient landscape while leaving only traces that the next wind will erase? It is that moment of unease during saddle check each morning when you wonder "did I do right by my horse yesterday" and the relief when you hear "good to go"? The exhilaration of seeing Andrew's hand go up to signal the first canter of the day? The eagerness of the loose horses to spot the lunch truck before you? The simple pleasure of watching your horse enjoy a good roll? Hot coals under a camp chair on chilly nights? Or that moment when you realize that not only have you bonded with an incredible equine but also a group of people who mere days ago were complete strangers? The reasons are endless but they all share one thing in common, they will make your heart grow to accommodate them.

Riding across the endless, pristine wilderness of Namibia = literally a dream come true. The world class team @ridingsafarinamibia puts together an experience you’ll refuse to only have once in a lifetime, and offers routes in all the most stunning parts of Namibia

There is nothing like sleeping under the Namibian sky, surrounded by dreaming horses with the jackals calling in the distance.. don’t get me started on those gallops across the plains, closest to flying you will ever get. Namibia, land of the brave.

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