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If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact Nambia Horse Safari Company.

Are airport transfers included in the riding package?

All transfers to/from Windhoek International Airport on first and last day of your safari and to and from the start of the ride are included in the riding package.

What are the best arrival and departure times? Where is first night accommodation?

Flights getting you in to Windhoek on day one in time for your 17:30 briefing with your guide are ideal.  Consult individual detailed itineraries for departure times as distances of transfers do differ depending on where the ride ends.  First night for most safaris is River Crossing Lodge.

What horse breeds do you use?

Any horse that is athletic and loves being on safari….and of suitable size to fit on our truck.  We breed many of our safari horses from a Quarter horse stallion and Arab-cross mares.  Some horses find their way to us from many walks of life - neglected cart-horses, sport horses who don’t enjoy competing.  We’ve even found horses abandoned in the wilderness who have become extremely reliable and much-loved safari horses.

What type of saddles do you use?

30 years of perfecting the art of remote riding safaris has given us some insight into what works and what does not.  Using mohair girth and woollen blankets for padding is a must under a saddle built for maximum spread of weight and yet leaving the horses’ shoulder free.  Panniers for water and a pocket for a small camera….we think this is about perfect….

I’m a vegetarian, can you cater for that?

The quality of food on safari surprises everyone!  Few expect to eat this well on so remote a safari.  From ice and lemon in your G+T for sundowners to dessert after a satisfying meal cooked over the coals around an open fire.  We are indeed able to cater for vegetarians and some dietary exclusions, a few are too challenging for black-pot open fire cooking.

This is my first time riding with you - which safari would be best?

If you’re a confident, fit rider, any of our rides are suitable.  If not confident (yet), start with either our Skeleton Damara or our Wild Horses Safari.  If it’s huge diversity of terrain you’re after and are confident then it’s Damara Elephant for your.  Those who are both confident, fit and love going FAST - our adventurous Namib Desert Safari is for you. 

We cannot emphasise enough, for your own and our horses’ sake PLEASE COME RIDING FIT!

When is the best time of year to ride?

We ride between April and November, which are the dryer and cooler months of the year - inland is hotter in April and October, which is why we tend to ride in the coastal regions then.  July to early September are the coolest months - although please know that deserts are notoriously unpredictable regarding weather.  An uncannily good weather website to use.


If you prefer to escape the heat, ride May to early September, if you’re comfortable  with temperatures, ride any time. 

What is the maximum weight your horses can carry?

The physiology of the horses suitable for these adventurous safaris - including being able to fit on our truck - means for we have to set the per horse weight limit at under 85 kg.  Heavier riders are welcome (absolute maximum weight is 95 kg) however a second horse (at an additional supplemental charge of £800) is required to allow for rest periods.

Do you have a minimum or maximum age limit?

While we don’t have a set limit, please note that the nature of these challenging safaris excludes those not able to ride for up to six hours a day - although travelling in the backup vehicles is an option.  The youngest rider to date has been 10 years old (she was very riding fit and confident) and the maximum at 82, a vigorous twice-a-week hunting gentleman. 

Can you assist with an add on itinerary?

We are happy to help with your add-on itinerary if you would like to explore our wonderful country pre-or-post safari.

What is included in the rate?

Rate includes
All riding, accommodation and meals and drinks while on the ride - excluded are drinks at lodges, restaurants, and petrol stations en-route.

Ground transfers from Windhoek International Airport to starting point of ride and return transfer to central Windhoek or Windhoek International airport on day of departure.


Rate Excludes
Extra horse charge for riders 85kg and over in riding gear. For our horses’ sake, please be accurate regarding weight and level of fitness. Please consult our Riding Policy 

Single supplement will be waived if prepared to share guesthouse accommodation - supplement for single accommodation is £190 

Personal drinks and refreshments at all lodges, restaurants, and petrol stations en-route. 

Accommodation and transfers not listed on the itinerary. Any extra transfers (for any reason including flight delays) other than those included in the itinerary – will be for guest’s personal account. 

Additional activities and packages. We are happy to assist with recommendations. 

Safari staff gratuities.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

While we will always endeavour to accommodate any eventuality, if we’re unable to fill a saddle at short notice, our Terms and Conditions will apply.  We recommend having Travel Insurance for your trip.

How good a rider do I need to be?

Being riding fit is of benefit to both you and your horse – we ride 20 – 50 km a day over rough terrain and sometimes very fast!


​Please read our terms and conditions before booking, we are serious about our horse's well being.  You have to be able to mount your horse from the ground un-aided although a leg-up is always in the offering!

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