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Namibia Horse Safari Company

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Terms and Conditions



On arrival you will be required to submit your signed Indemnity form


We recommend you wear a hard hat although if you choose not to you do so at your own risk - please check the conditions of your insurance policy, they might insist.  Ensure you are familiar with all the stipulations of your insurance policy, particularly medical evacuation and hospital admission.  While Namibia has excellent Emergency Medical facilities, service is dependent on immediate payment.  Please ensure you advise your credit card company about your travel plans.  


It is assumed that by signing our Indemnity you have read and understood the conditions laid out in our Riding Policy 

Please note that we take the well-being of our horses very seriously!

Cancellation Policy

A 30 % deposit is required at time of booking to confirm your place on the safari and full payment is due eight weeks prior to departure.


Should you need to cancel, refund of the deposit more than 60 days prior to the departure date of a ride not fully booked, will be subject to an administration fee which covers the outsourced accommodation cancellation costs etc.


Refund of the full payment less that 60 days before your safari departure date will be at the company's discretion and subject to your place being resold should the ride be fully booked. 


Cancellation between 60-30 days prior to departure of the safari - 50% of cost of safari is forfeited


Full payment is forfeited from 30 days prior to departure of safari.

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