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Recommended Packing List

Riding in a desert requires some thought about clothing and accessories - there are no facilities while on safari to do more laundry than rinse a few items, so pack for the duration.


These are our recommendations

Please use a SOFT luggage and keep it under 20kg for easy loading into high vehicles.

Essential Items

  • Headlamp

  • Beanie / Woollen hat

  • Hat / Baseball cap

  • Fleece jacket

  • Buff / Bandana


  • Long sleeved cotton shirts for riding x 4 (preferably in subtle colours)

  • Riding trousers/jods x 3

  • Casual trousers x 2 (for travelling and excursion days)

  • Shorts x 1 (in summer for around camp)

  • T-shirt x 2

  • Long sleeved shirts for the evenings x 2 (also for lodge nights)

  • Pullover x 2

  • Warm ‘Pyjamas’ x 1

  • Lightweight waterproof jacket (for foggy mornings)

  • Lightweight down jacket / vest

  • Underwear, Socks

  • Flip Flops

  • Comfortable walking shoes / trainers (for around camp, travel etc.)


Riding Gear

  • Helmet (recommended not compulsory, but might be a condition from your insurance – please check!) Sun visor to fit around helmet

  • or Wide brimmed Hat (with a string)

  • Boots / Chaps - full or half

  • Gloves

  • Seat saver (if needed)



  • Sunglasses

  • Sunblock SPF 50 & Lip balm (with SPF!)

  • Toiletries (Shampoo, Toothbrush and -paste, wet wipes, moisturiser)

  • Personal medication / Pain killers (for sore muscles)

  • Camera

  • Power bank / extra batteries/ spare memory card

Bring a good sense of humour!

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