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Recommended Packing List

Riding in a desert requires some thought about clothing and accessories - there are no facilities while on safari to do more laundry than rinse a few items, so pack for the duration.


These are our recommendations

Please use a SOFT luggage and keep it under 20kg - preferably in two bag for easy loading into high vehicles.

Head Gear
Light-weight helmet (recommended, not essential) or a cap or wide-brimmed sun hat with strap/string to keep it on at speed. A helmet may be a condition of your insurance - please check.

Light-weight riding shoes/jodhpur boots and comfortable shoes for in camp - flip-flops will do in summer but be aware scorpions can occur....

Comfortable clothes for riding - jods or trousers with half or full chaps; long sleeved shirts (keeps sun off), long sleeved fleece/wind-proof jacket - for cool mornings and late afternoon riding (can tie to your saddle during the day), sleeveless vest with pockets is useful. Heavier jacket for evenings around the fire during winter.
Layering is key as temperatures fluctuate quite a lot during the day, especially in winter.
For when not riding: In summer - shorts, a sarong (good for going to shower), t-shirts and bathing trunks. In winter warm clothes/jacket for evenings around the campfire. Something warm to sleep in - bedrolls are cosy and warm, but you don’t want to have to strip off completely on a cold winter’s night to get into your pj’s....layering works here too.
A woolly hat (beanie) socks and gloves (keeps sun off hands) and a buff/bandana is almost an essential. Under- wear, a towel.
Something a little smarter for lodges on first and last night of your safari

Sunglasses on a string plus spare - wrap- around kind if you wear contact lenses. Sunblock, lip balm, personal toiletries (bio degradable) and insect repellent. We generally do not ride in malaria areas, but non-malaria mosquitos can occur anywhere.
Some like to bring a seat-saver - make sure it fits a western type of saddle, see image of our new saddles.

Bring a good sense of humour!

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