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Namibia Horse Safari Company

Tornado looking out over the desert

Explore remote Namibia on horseback

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Namibia, Wild Horses Safari

Explore remote Namibia on horseback

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What Sets Us Apart?
30 years experience

For almost 30 years we have been perfecting the art of remote horse riding safaris, in one of the most beautiful places on the planet ...

The Namib Desert

We are remote riding adventure specialists - offering scheduled 10-night mobile riding safaris in some of the most remote and dramatic desert terrain Namibia has to offer.

Two nights in lodges, 8 nights camping wild with some unexpected luxuries like ice in your sundowners, hot bucket-showers, delicious food around companionable campfires and the magnificent southern stars arching over your comfortable bed at night.

All the while living 24/7 with horses.  Life seldom gets better.

Namib dune sea, Namibia

Namib Desert Safari

Our most challenging requiring a technical scramble into and out of the Kuiseb Canyon - come fit!  This is also our longest ride at 300 km.

Damara Elephant Safari

Not for the feint-hearted as large free-ranging game occurs, it's mountainous in places with meandering rivers and huge plains for fast riding.

Wild Horses Safari

The desert at its most beautiful - challenging crossing of the Namib dune sea - big, big plains for fast riding...and seeing the Namib's, the wild horses.

Our Horse Safaris

Wild Horses Safari, Namibia
Challenging & Rewarding

What our guests say


The whole trip was exciting and relaxed at the same time - and so very beautiful! 

Christina, Switzerland

Mr T (my horse) was awesome. The 

tack was in very good condition

Pam, UK

Hemmingway said:

"Íf I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.”

I want to be more specific:

“The Namibian Horse Safari company creates magic.”

Fantastic staff, great group of riders, breath taking landscapes and, above all, the best horses you can imagine!

Cannot wait to go back for more!


à bientôt

Yvonne, France

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