An ever-changing landscape with a surprising number of game eating it.

  Namib Desert

Iconic Namib Desert with its wide plain, hugely varied terrain and, despite its seeming aridity, a surprising amount of plains game.  Our longest safari at 300 km, you need to be fit for this safari!  



                       2021  02  - 12 Apr  

         20  -  30 Apr

       10 - 20 July

        30/7 - 9 Aug

         26/9 - 06 Oct

Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Desert Canyons

Surprisingly bio-diverse and characterised by meandering gorges and deeply eroded escarpments. Suitable for both intermediate  and advanced as it starts slower, but  has lots of canters too.  




                             2021 08 - 18 Sept

Damaraland, Namibia's geological wonderland

 Damara Elephant

Rugged, remote, interspersed with big river systems - for confident riders as the horses are very well aware they are in big game country!



           2021  23 jun - 3 Jul

                     20 - 30 Aug


Damaraland, Namibia

Skeleton Damara

Best of both the formidable Skeleton Coast and rugged Damaraland - undulating, rocky in places, huge open plains - a photographers' dreamscape.





           2021 15 - 25 October

                     03 - 13  Nov

Wild Horses of the Namib, Namibia

 Wild Horses

Arguably the most scenic part of the Namib, here terrain varies from big plains dotted with inslebergs wide plains and a massive dune sea - and then there is a visit to the Horses of the Namib,



             2021  16 - 26 May


Little Namib Desert

The 'fast' half of our Namib Desert Safari - from the central Namib Desert to the Atlantic - only 6 nights, best come fit for this one!



                    2021  03 - 09 May


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