Matt on Safari

We have had many interesting characters on safari in the past - you know who you are! But now and then we get something very unusual - and none as unusual as Matt on our June Damara Elephant Safari. Matt is a riding guide-in-training and came to learn the ropes from #AndrewGillies. Lucky Matt!

What is unusual about Matt is that he is a San Bushman - the real-deal.

Educated in Namibia, Matt is city bred - so not a 'bush-man' after all but a real Bushman none the less! At 25, Matt has found his niche at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary (written N/a’an ku sê - the symbols representing the San clicks) Here, surrounded by other San families, he is steeped in his own culture and traditions.

Image above - Matt's world - animals. There is an elephant in the tree-line behind Matt.

N/a’an ku sê Foundation have a reciprocal relationship with the Nyae Nyae Conservancy (Bushmanland) sharing ancient San skills for alternative training. Worth a visit to N/a’an ku sê Lodge outside Windhoek to participate in their “Bushman Stories under the Stars”. To see their interpretation of the many tiny nuances of animal behaviour is to see an understanding of our natural world that leaves us feeling loud and somewhat out of place. A humbling experience.

image above: Andrew showing Matt the nuances of saddling. Manchester United, even out here!

Matt will be guiding sundowner horse rides on Na/a’n ku sê wildlife sanctuary outside Windhoek. That’s his world - animals. So typical of his people who live close to the earth and understand the ways of nature. Pleasant and approachable, Matt is calm around horses - look how relaxed they are around him in all the images - and they respond well to his quiet ways.

We wish him good luck in his endeavours and are proud to have been a part of his experience.

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