Bold Imagination

Whether a romantic at heart or of a scientific ilk, we all draw on the same unconscious reservoir of images, of myth, of - hopefully - bold imagination. To find wonder in wherever we find ourselves without having to be ‘fed the facts’, always too eager perhaps for information. The real treasures of this world are seldom found in mere facts. They are to be found in unrestrained imagination, in seeing beyond the literal and finding wonder in the seemingly mundane, in the most simple.

These moments of magic - a full moon rising on a desert landscape; being mesmerised by the starry sphere of the Milky Way; or dawn breaking in colours so poignant it almost evokes a sob.

These deep, resonant reminders of something not quite forgotten.... almost as if we had ‘gone out’ into a different reality. A reality that is indescribable yet not altogether imperceptible. Information has no part in these experiences.

Yet coming away we find our tongues tied, incapable of expressing what was essentially an ineffable experience. We find our photographs haven’t quite captured the magic of the moment.

In this land fantastic beasts could dwell, myth and legend come alive…. if we let them. We simply have to find how to live in both worlds by bringing our bold imagination along for the ride.

In the depths of solitude we find what the Greeks called Sympatheia….

a connectedness to the cosmos; the realisation that we are all mutually woven together and have a mutual affinity for each other.

It is all too easy to focus on the self and lose sight of the whole. Here the whole simply overwhelms...

Coming on safari with a good dose of both humility and bold imagination opens us to the possibility of experiencing Sympatheia....we just have to allow it to unfold.

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