Adventure Travel on Horseback

ATTA’s (Adventure Travel Trade Association) 2030 vision for Namibia is to firmly place Namibia on the map of one of the fastest growing industries in tourism - Adventure Travel. And for those who love horses, what better way of travel than from the back of a horse. From crossing the arid Namib desert in 8 days on horseback to an epic 1000 km long ride from Twyfelfontein to Luderitz, Namibia Horse Safari Company offers some of the most challenging riding safaris on the planet. Not for the feint-hearted!

Up to 70% of our guests have ridden with us multiple times so, always under pressure to come up with somewhere new and interesting to ride, we are always on the lookout. Namibia being a country of enormous diversity, this is not at all difficult, however consider that we must move up to 15 ton of equipment around every day, the logistics become a trifling mind-boggling.

Our first ‘new’ adventure – which has now become our Wild Horses Safari pitted riders to ride across 27 km of the Namib dune sea. Makes for an exciting ‘lost in the sand sea’ feel which is very exhilarating. Happily, a wrist-mounted GPS and Telane’s uncanny sense of direction saves us the trouble of getting lost.

We have ridden along Namibia's most northern border with Angola - the Kunene River (image left)

And Namibia's "Matterhorn", the Spitzkoppe as the German's dubbed it

(image right)

Our most ambitious project, the 1000 km ride from Twyfelfontein to Luderitz – quite a feat for our intrepid riders and backup team.

Our most recent project came this year with the Zambezi/Caprivi Region which turned up some wonderful surprises.

Grass which during our recce trip in March was but knee high, was over head-height of a mounted rider by June. Dry water courses turned into 2 metre deep channels the horses had to swim through.

Linked video gives a good account of the difficulties of negotiating this altogether different terrain. Everyone went home with stories they will be able to live off for many, many years to come…

However, many have also booked for next year’s Exploratory Safari, so the pressure to find somewhere unique to ride has not abated.

Namibia Horse Safari Company lives the dream of Adventure Travel every day. Bring on 2030!

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