#RideNamibia Photo Contest

We are running a photo contest - not for the most professional image, but for the one which best represents our unique type of riding safari. Details below about how to enter and the very generous prize....

Contest Details

  • Photographs must be taken by you on a riding safari with Namibia Horse Safari Company during 2016 and 2017 seasons.

  • Up to 5 images can be submitted and must include a horse (or part of) in the image. The judging criteria is not about the most professional image, but the one which represents our unique safaris best.

  • Images should be emailed to: info@namibiahorsesafari.com as a jpeg of 4 – 8 Mb. You may watermark your images if you wish. Can also send to above email via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

  • Namibia Horses Safari must be given permission to use the submitted images for marketing and the winner ok with having an image of themselves displayed on our social media.

  • Images will be posted on our #RideNamibia landing page dedicated to this contest and everyone is encouraged to click the heart/like button to vote for the best image/s

  • Images will be shared across several social media platforms with the #RideNamibia hashtag and everyone is encouraged to share on their own media.

  • Images can be submitted up until the end of October 2017 and judging by owners (Henning, Barbara and Andrew) will happen in early November with the winner being announced on 1st December 2017.

  • The prize: A complimentary riding safari in our 2018 season – now that’s something worth entering for! The prize is a riding safari and not a cash alternative

So send in your images - max 5 images per rider!

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