Hunting is not about Heads on a Wall

Dr Chris Brown is a well know and outspoken Namibian environmentalist whose years of experience have given him a broader view than most in his particular field.

Courageously outspoken, always broadminded, he has now taken on the thorny issue of hunting as Namibia comes under increasing pressure to ban trophy hunting by bodies such as CITES and IUCN.

Dr Brown, writing under the auspices of the Namibian Chamber of Environment, has compiled a comprehensive article explaining how hunting is an integral part of of Namibia’s wildlife management plan. The whole article has been included as a downloadable .pdf as it is well worth reading. It’s broad perspective illustrates how badly activist-driven decisions can go badly wrong.

While animal rights activists do sterling work on the individual level, their agendas cannot be passed off as conservation agendas which operate at an entirely different level altogether. What is good for the individual is not necessarily good for populations, species and ecosystems. It is here is where the error lies.