Elephants need Water

Damaraland’s free-ranging desert-adapted elephants are dependent on water which in this arid environment is very seasonal. Settlements almost always have water available for their herds of domestic animals although this precious commodity is only available in limited quantities.

The available water brings the elephants into contact with communities and serious damage to water installations often results.

The mission of the Desert Elephant Trust is to provide much needed water installations for the free-ranging elephant herds – particularly those which can be used by even the younger elephants which are often unable to reach into the concrete dams

The cost of living with wild animals is often high for these communities - left a water tank and windmill destroyed by elephants looking for water

The Desert Elephant Trust is entirely dependent on donor funding to provide the means for providing the solar-powered water installations.These installations cost N$ 170 000.00 per installation

These are being placed away from settlements to lessen the insidence of human-animal conflict.

As responsible custodians of the wild and beautiful areas we ride in, Namibia Horse Safari Company is comitted to ensuring we are able to continue to ride there for many years to come. To this end we pay a voluntary donation to TOSCO (Tourism supporting Conservation) for this priviledge. This money is paid by TOSCO to the communities who live in the areas we ride across.

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