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We could, if we were so inclined, put our horses a few ‘useful’ categories: 
The Pro’s, The Youngsters, The Newcomers and
No Category At All

The Pro’s like Chocolate, Coco, Moscow (left), Auros, Polka and Schnute – to name but a few - have faithfully done their duty for years, some for over a decade.  These horses know what they are doing and, when left alone to do their job, are touchingly reliable.  We live in awe of these old-timers, of their resolve and ability to just get on and do their job without a fuss.

Then there are the Youngsters Phoebe has brought on during the past two summers – Habenero, Fire, Muchacho, Cuervo…..bred out of Andrew’s Warmblood x Arab mare and Quarter horse Stallion. Good sturdy horses yet agile and oh-so generous.  Most have done a few safaris now – first as a guide horse or just enjoying the scenery as a loose horse, and some have even carried guests.  All have proved themselves worthy of being called a safari horse.  Well done Phoebe!


The Newcomers – from time to time we are offered horses found to be unsuited to the life they were chosen for.  Our sturdy Boerperde (local breed) Ultimo, Rupert and Cindy, then there is Landor, Surprise and of course Andrew’s beloved lead-horse, Cantura.  We find some rare gems this way.


There are many horses who fit no category at all – the likes of Charl, Baladine, Hagar – the horses whom anyone (experienced or not) can ride.  Good at looking after their riders - and then there are those who instil confidence in nervous riders, like gentle Marnie, who has carried many a quaking soul across the desert.


These are not horses of compelling first impressions,  they are the kings and queens of lasting impressions

For our horses sake, please be accurate about your weight and fitness level - please read our Riding Policy - it's important