How Tough is it?

These are semi participatory safaris - you saddle and groom your own horse.

Do NOT underestimate the physical toll living outside 24/8 takes on you - to enjoy the experience fully come VERY Fit!  

And Come Riding Fit - for your horses' sake!  Please read our terms and conditions before booking, we are serious about our horse's well being.  You have to be able to mount your horse from the ground un-aided although a leg-up is always in the offering!


You need to be balanced in the saddle and stay off your horses' back without having to hang on to their all paces, for up to 300 km!

The rewards for coming prepared for these challenging adventures far outweigh the effort involved in the could change your life!

You might want to read guest's comments - many say it like it is....


Please note that none of our rides are suitable for beginners - here is a short summary of each ride: 


Namib Desert Safari is our most challenging requiring a technical scramble into and out of the Kuiseb Canyon - come fit!  This is also our longest ride at 300 km.  More

Damara Elephant Safari - not for the feint-hearted as large free-ranging game occurs, it's mountainous in places with meandering rivers and huge plains for fast riding.  More


Desert Canyons Safari - meandering canyons means a slower place making this suitable for both intermediate and advanced riders but it has the most sublime plains for long, long slow canters. More


Wild Horses Safari - the desert at its most beautiful - challenging crossing of the Namib dune sea - big, big plains for fast riding...and seeing the Namib's, the wild horses. More

Skeleton Damara Safari - utilising the warmer months of the year, we ride through the eastern part of the wild Skeleton Coast and western Damaraland which are wonderfully mild in summer.  Some of the best riding terrain of them all.      More

Every year we try and do something unusual, different, adventurous....we sometimes call them Exploratory Safaris and sometimes we just ride somewhere overseas for fun.  


Contact us for details of what is in the pipeline.... Nepal's Forbidden Kingdom in 2020

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