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Guest Book

Damara Elephant Safari, 2018


A big thank you to all the team for a wonderful safari. It was made by the people in your team and the horses which coped with the terrain and the riders so well. For me, It was a ‘want to do’, ‘can do’ experience and I loved the whole safari, the camaraderie, the food and bar choice, sleeping under the stars, the scenery, plants et al.  the knowledge of all involved made it so interesting. 

A very nice big thank you. Jean UK

Namib Desert Safari, 2018

Was going through the reviews listed and couldn't agree more, it was such an amazing trip. The whole operation is extremely well organized and crew is very experienced, and just so friendly and helpful. They take great care of guests and horses. Both guests & crew were fun to hang out with around the campfire.
Was a bit worried my riding level and fitness weren't enough, but these horses are quite something. Alert, forward going and well behaved, they're cool with taking you through the desert so you can just sit there and enjoy the view. 
Camping was much more luxurious than I expected, and food was delicious, varied and plenty. Bedrolls surprisingly cozy and comfortable even with minus temperatures at night. Seen more shooting stars than I had wishes to make. 
Hope to go again! Would advise to add a few days in Namibia after the safari to transition back to normal life. Fred, Tokyo

Desert Canyons Safari, July 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed this extraordinary horse expedition.

The scenery was better than in our "wildest dreams"; the horse experience was totally enlightening and we haven't stopped marvelling at the tremendous organisation that was necessary to make this trip come true! Many thanks and congratulations to all!  Falling was unfortunate, but it has only strengthened my will to become a better rider. I am sincerely grateful to all for your help at that time.   Emmanuelle, Switzerland


Big Rivers Safari, June 2017

It absolutely lives up to all my expectations.
Super horses which are well looked after.Super staff , who look so well after you.Andrew and Telane are wonderful guides! Food is great ,( thanks Phoebe and Rayne) and the (sleeping )swags are comfortable!And then the routes we ride, well ,every day has a surprise whether it be big or small- awsome !The campsites are always so well chosen, and most are actually fantastic! 
I have ridden 11 times with Namibia Horse Safari Company and have booked for next year !Yeehah! One of the best experiences/adventures that one can have! Go for it! Lynda RSA

Wild Horses Safari 2018


I so enjoyed the interaction with the horses and the ability to form a bond which extended to more than just riding them, being nipped in the butt while cleaning front hooves teaches you kwik which direction to face. The small footprint you make with such a streamlined operation of few staff, no tents or excess chairs, cooler boxes and tables etc following the KISS and Less is More policy was meaningful! Your matching of the horses to the riders was perfect for all concerned! Garth, Zambia


Namibian Epic Safari, May 2016

The landscapes are varied and stunning. The horses are simply fantastic. The crew is amazing, they take great care of both horses and guests, always with a smile. The holiday has a very personal feel while being very well run. It is the perfect mix of camping and comfort (good food, drinks, comfortable beds/stretchers, bush showers). The safaris offer some of the best riding worldwide. The rides are challenging and as such will please the guests seeking an active holiday. Yet, thanks to the great crew, horses and logistics, the holiday can also be one of the most relaxing one.  Nicole, Switzerland

Reset Your Soul: Top company.

Everyone went the extra mile...

Tremendous host, calm and collected. Very knowledgeable.  Excellent cook - everyone wanted to take Vincent home. Never met such happy, helpful, fun, hard working, courteous staff. Wonderful itinerary. Adventure, but comfortable wild!  Carol, RSA

Damara Elephant Safari 2017

The crew- Andrew and his team are so hardworking and professional, and yet know how to have fun. A wonderful combination! 
The horses- you'll fall in love with them. Each horse was well-matched to his/her rider and by the end of the trip strong bonds were formed. I didn't want to get off Polka in the end.
And lastly.. the landscape! You'll go through beautiful places that few have ever seen and see stars like never before. 
This trip has been on my bucket-list for years, and it's easy to see why so many guests have returned over and over.

From the moment I started to plan my (trips), they are helpful and available for assistance at all times. The whole time with the crew, each person makes every guest feel as if they are the most valuable one in the group, treating everyone with care and compassion. Throughout the ride, during challenging conditions and uncomfortable situations, Andrew and his team handle everything smoothly with unflaggingly, gentle humour. The care of the horses is excellent. It is comforting to me to know that their wellbeing is of primary consideration in difficult conditions. Each ride is different both in level of challenge and terrain. I've enjoyed all three very much and when asked could not choose a favourite. When asked to describe my experiences with NHS, I have difficulty articulating the scope of the experience. The time I have spent with these people and horses in this magnificent landscape have been the finest times in my life. Donna, Canada

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