Taking Environmental Responsibility

Namibia was the first African country to incorporate protection of the environment into its constitution, and the government has reinforced this by giving its communities the opportunity and rights to manage their wildlife through communal conservancies.  We now reap the benefits of this policy by being able to ride in true wilderness areas


As responsible custodians of the wild and beautiful areas we ride in - and have ridden in for more than 20 years – Namibia Horse Safari Company is dedicated to engendering an understanding of these extremely fragile desert environments.  To this end we support those conservation projects who operate in the areas we ride.


Apart from the important monitoring work they do many of the conservation programmes below are dedicated to assistance in managing man-animal conflicts. Local communities must bear the costs of living with wild animals and do not always share equally in the benefits from tourism.  We contribute to organisations such as TOSCO who address this imbalance by redistributing voluntary donations for land use by operators.

We support these conservation projects which operate in the areas we ride:


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